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Chris is an experienced Osteopath specialising in treating musculoskeletal pain and injury. Chris uses a versatile range of hands-on techniques which may include, soft tissue massage, joint articulation, spinal adjustments, low level light therapy, dry needling and light-touch (cranial). This hands-on approach coupled with tailored exercise protocols (which focus on sensorimotor training) greatly help to increase function. Through this process a whole spectrum of postural pain problems that niggle us in daily life can be fully resolved and relieved.
Chris continues to work closely alongside a number of highly specialised practitioners including Osteopaths, private GP’s, orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrists and has a dept of knowledge which helps to address the root causes of pain. 

Over the past number of years Chris has a particular interest in identifying health problems that are not yet pathological (indicative of or caused by disease) and has found that internal imbalances (cellular dysfunction, toxic burden, hormone imbalance, immune dysregulation, and chronic infections) and external imbalances (air quality, food quality, sleep patterns, external stress) have a huge impact on our overall health.


Chris believes that with early detection, many health problems can be prevented and managed with appropriate diet and lifestyle interventions. This holistic approach allows the patient to understand their pain on a wider scale and can help steer patients away from pain and disfunction and back towards optimal health.

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